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Harrison County

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Recorder taking legal action in Harrison County

Updated: Wednesday, June 4 2014, 06:47 PM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio -  A dispute over space at the Harrison County Recorder's Office has grown to the point where lawyers are getting involved.
The problem is costing residents time and the county additional money it could be bringing in.
County Recorder Tracy Boyer said she's been asking commissioners for upwards of 2 years for more room for the Recorder's Office, but her request has fallen on deaf ears, and now she's taking legal action against the commissioners.
Boyer is looking for ways to increase the Recorder Office's productivity because of the influx is the oil and gas companies.  
"In 2009, the first gentleman came and we couldn't figure out what he was doing," Boyer said. "Since then, it hasn't stopped."
Boyer said they have the equipment and technology to expand, but their space constraints prohibit that. With four computers and a staff of six, she says they can hardly keep up.
"We are a year and a half behind on everything we do," Boyer said. "We cannot keep operating like this. We've had threats from different oil and gas companies to sue the Recorder's Office. When you sue the Recorder's Office, you sue the commissioners."
Lines stretch out the hallway with people waiting to access the office, lengthy waits for sometimes minutes of work.
"You've got this gigantic line that will take away 40 minutes to an hour of your day for 15 minutes worth of work," Title Examiner Shawn Clay said.
Commissioners say they've offered a solution, but it's not one Boyer is in favor of.
"We've come up with a decision that there is a facility here, but she doesn't want to split her office," County Commissioner Dale Norris said.
So legal action against the commissioners is Boyer's next course of work. Whatever the solution may be, the people in line hope it comes soon.
"Sometimes leaders need to make difficult decisions in order to make the situation better," Clay said.
Boyer said she has already reached out to the Prosecutor's Office to seek legal counsel on this issue, however, she has yet to receive a response.
Commissioners are issuing no further comment on the matter.

Recorder taking legal action in Harrison County

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