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Harrison County

Harrison County

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Road use maintenance agreements a hot topic in Harrison County

Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014, 06:59 PM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio – Townships require gas and oil companies to sign a road use maintenance agreement when they want to build a well in a particular area.
It's designed to protect residents and keep roads in proper condition.
However one man says the agreements are too strict and it's costing him money.
“They are asking the driller to maintain the roads for the life of the well when the fact is, the oil that they sell is trucked out of there by whoever buys it,” property owner Jim Rosenberry said.
Trustees require the agreement to be in place as long as the wells are in operation.
“The only reason the oil companies are coming there and buying it, is because the drilling company has drilled and is storing it in their tanks,” said Washington township trustee Doug Crabtree
Rosenbury said the agreement has caused companies to avoid drilling in his property, and it keeps him from collecting royalty money.
“So Gulfport has tons of acreage to drill elsewhere, so they just left and they took Washington Township off of their 2013 drilling schedule and it's still off of their drilling schedule,” Rosenberry said.
Trustees cite past relationships and agreements that haven't been honored with oil and gas companies as the reason for so strict.
“Ultimately if they would upgrade the roads to the point that it would handle the traffic and we could see that there would not be issues with the road, then we could come to a compromise,” Crabtree said.

Road use maintenance agreements a hot topic in Harrison County

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