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Speed limit on Rt. 22 raised

Updated: Thursday, October 3 2013, 06:45 PM EDT

By Rich Pierce 

October 3, 2013 

Jefferson, Harrison County, OH 

The speed limit on Route 22 in parts of Harrison and Jefferson Counties is now 70 mph.

An O-DOT official told NEWS9 today that the raise was due to a new law passed by the state Legislature raising speed limits on interstates and lookalike roads.

Despite the rise in speed, the Ohio State Highway patrol has not seen an increase in accidents or violations.

“No, there’s no safety concerns. There’s been a study on that through O-DOT. They thought it was necessary to move it to 70 mph, which we did,” Wintersville branch of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Yoho said.

Chuck from Mingo Junction disagrees. He said it is dangerous to increase the limit.

“I think it’s stupid really. It should stay at 65. Why increase it? People go flying now and kill themselves,” he said.

Even with the increased traffic due to the oil and gas industry, Yoho said they have not seen accidents or violations increase.

“It effects commercial vehicles the same as cars. We never had any concerns with it. However, with the oil and gas industry in the area, there is a higher volume of traffic, now. That’s always a concern,” Yoho said.

Jennifer Krause is happy about the change.

“Actually, I think it’s great. I used to live out west so I’m used to the high speed limits. I think it’s great – especially on the highway. I don’t think it hurts anything,” Krause said. 

Speed limit on Rt. 22 raised

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