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At long last, Edison Local Levy passes

Updated: Tuesday, September 2 2014, 11:54 AM EDT
RICHMOND, Ohio -- It's what was being described as pure jubilation by Edison Local school officials. Officials say it is the first time they will have had a new operation levy passed since the late 70s.
That’s a lot of years without new money.
Just as they did in November, they reduced the millage from 9.45 to a 5.9, based on the fact that they made almost $3 million on permanent cuts.
Bussing was the first thing that they discussed could possibly be brought back as early as the fall.
School officials we spoke with Tuesday night were grateful for the community's investment in the kids.
“Bussing is huge but it just shows that pour communities came together and put things in the past,” Board of Education President Scott Lockhart said. “The kids are important, their education is important and without the kids you don't have the community.”

At long last, Edison Local Levy passes

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