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City taking action against landlords in Steubenville

Updated: Friday, July 11 2014, 06:13 PM EDT
STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – The city of Steubenville has taken action to crack down on trouble with renters by passing a law to penalize landlords.
That's not sitting well with the landlords and they're taking the fight to court – for the third time.
Jerome Haggerty owns 51 properties in Steubenville, but as a landlord for 30 years, he's upset about the new Criminal Nuisance Ordinance that was just passed by the city.
The ordinance holds landlords accountable. If the police are called to one of their properties three times in one year, landlords then have to pay a $200 fine.
"They blame the landlords because they don't think we have the tenant that they think we should have,” Haggerty said. “When the reality is, no one wants to live in Steubenville. People are moving out in droves."
Haggerty said his relationship, along with other landlords in Steubenville, is strained.
While he believes landlords need to have a better relationship to keep each other informed about what tenants not to rent their property to, he also says landlords should not be blamed for everything in the city, including trash.
"Dilapidated structures, litter, litter especially,” Haggerty said. “The alleys in Steubenville are atrocious. Now they just had a cleanup in the spring and they looked good for a week, but it's coming back."
In the meantime, city official Kenny Davis said he respects the Landlords Association Group, but he is disappointed in their action after what he said he believed was a very positive city meeting Tuesday night.
He said he feels the city’s line of communication with the landlords should remain open.

City taking action against landlords in Steubenville

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