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Elmore gets maximum sentence for involvement in gun fight

Updated: Monday, April 28 2014, 05:47 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – Steubenville’s Anthony Elmore was one of three people charged in connection with a gun fight on South Street on Sept. 3, 2013.
Less than a week after being convicted for his involvement in the crime, Elmore learned his punishment Monday in the Jefferson County Courthouse.
A jury convicted Elmore, 29, of felonious assault, with a firearm specification, and having a weapon as a convicted drug offender.
As a result, he was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 14 years -- 8 for felonious assault, 3 for firearm specification, 1 for weapons under disability – with the first three being mandatory.
It all started when Elmore was standing on a porch with William Ross, of Steubenville, on Jefferson Street when Torrance Lyda and a group of males walked by.
Elmore took the stand during last week's trial.
“And tried to portray himself as a victim when the facts of the trial revealed that as these two groups passed one another, it was Mr. Elmore and his co-defendant who left their porch fully armed, tracked this other group in the woods and then the plan was to count to five and then ambush them," Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said.
Hanlin added that Elmore has a long history of criminal activity.
“I apologize for the way things went down,” Elmore said. “As far as my criminal history, I can’t change my past but I had no intentions on hurting nobody."
Judge Joseph Bruzzese said he thinks this was gang-related and explained what bothered him the most.
“It bothers me that you left your gun loaded in the woods where some kid could find it,” Bruzzese said. “It bothers me that as soon as you lost track of that gun you went looking for another one. You were under disability. You shouldn’t be doing any of this stuff. Life was wonderful when you were sitting on your porch; you should have stayed on your porch."
For that, he got the maximum sentence.
“I think that somebody like Anthony Elmore is a menace in a city like Steubenville,” Hanlin said. “A lot of these younger kids will look up to him. He portrays himself as though he’s some type of hero in Steubenville, as though he has the power to determine to who can walk down one down of the streets and who can’t. I think the judge was very clear and the jury was very clear that this is not his city and he can’t run these streets the way he wants to run them."
Elmore did appeal after hearing his sentencing. Hanlin said Elmore still has another trial date to come that has yet to be set by the court for his indictment for his role in the Mingo Junction home invasion.

Elmore gets maximum sentence for involvement in gun fight

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