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Steubenville Implementation Committee ready to take action

Updated: Tuesday, September 2 2014, 11:54 AM EDT
STEUBENVILE, Ohio – It had been 30 years since Steubenville leaders blueprinted ways to help the city grow and thrive.
City officials have one in place now and they’re ready to focus on the next stage, which they did in a morning meaning Wednesday.
The first meeting for the Implementation Committee gave members a chance to meet face to face and also a chance to take home the 130-page plan, an opportunity to identify goals they can help achieve.
That meeting got under way with city leaders touting a plan that took more than 2 years to bind together.
Leading this plan is Mayor Domenick Mucci, City Manager Tim Boland and Urban Projects Director Chris Petrossi.
In the small crowd were the stakeholders.
“Many of them have resources and ideas to make things happen within the community,” Petrossi said. “So our goal today was just to begin getting them organized."
Among the dozen or so there were representatives from the Jefferson County Port Authority, the public library, the Health Commission and even the Police Department.
Wednesday was a call for action, asking these people to get others on board so that as the work begins, they can monitor the progress.
“The plan recommends many activities and objectives and we need to know where we are, where we're headed, and how we're going to get there," Petrossi said.
From monitoring to money, the City Manager and Mayor stressed the importance of working parallel with the Port Authority.
“It also addresses investment,” Mucci said. “We need the private sector’s investment, city council’s investment, for our infrastructure’s improvement.”
On Wednesday, the committee only scratched the surface but did specifically discuss an upcoming project to help improve neighborhoods.
Next month, the beautification committee will begin handing out Home Awards -- one to each of the six wards in the city.
“We have a lot of home owners who invest in their homes and keep their property clean so we want to reward them for doing what they're doing,” Angela Suggs of the Beautification Committee said.
All parties agreed the plan will only be as successful as the people implementing it. And with that, they’re hoping more seats will be filled at the next meeting to keep the momentum going.
The implementation committee will meet again on June 4.
After that, they intend to start meeting once a month.

Steubenville Implementation Committee ready to take action

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