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A Promoter's Life Behind The Scenes

Updated: Tuesday, December 17 2013, 05:37 PM EST

Rich Engler, the famous rock ‘n’ roll concert promoter in Pittsburgh,came to the Ohio Valley to visit today.

He just released his new book titled," Behind The Stage Door," which is all about his life behind the scenes.

Engler had quite the career; he said he always knew he was meant to be in music and he actually started his music career as a drummer back in high school.

After booking his own band, he started to book other peoples bands; that led tobuying national talent and selling out to colleges and it just blossomed from there.

"I started into my first company in 1969 on Walnut Street in Shadyside and that same week I met my girlfriend Cindy and who is now my wife and it's been quite a ride," said Engler.

He explains that he began writing his book three years ago and would work up to eight hours a day on it.

The book has 80 chapters that are listed as tracks.

He wanted it to be like an album track for each person's story.

There are more than 300 pictures of classic photos inside.

"I never even thought I could, it was always in the back of my mind but when I actually set out to do it, it was monumental," said Engler.

He talked about all of the memories—the good, the bad and the crazy ones.

He says one of his favorites is with Paul McCartney from the Beatles.

“I was able to lock in two shows, negotiated a great deal with him; he came into town and had a sound check, and they played “Let It Be,” and hearing it—in the back of my neck I was getting chills."

He also brought along with him a handwritten set list from Bruce Springsteen, platinum and gold records from hit bands including AC/DC, a Bob Dylan-signed guitar and a Rolling Stones-signed guitar.
Engler says this book is inspirational for a younger crowd.

"I think anyone who really puts their mind to it and does the best job they can do every single time they do it, they will succeed and dreams do come true."

He says you can buy the book in certain Giant Eagles in Pennsylvania, as well as other shops, and on his personal website at

Engler has a book signing Wednesday night at the Renaissance Hotel lobby in Pittsburgh, the New Kezington Giant Eagle Thursday night and the Crazy Mocha coffee shop in Sewickly, his hometown, Friday night.

A Promoter's Life Behind The Scenes

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