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Extreme changes in temperatures wreaking havoc on plants

Updated: Tuesday, April 15 2014, 06:27 PM EDT

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio -- Last weekend's weather was perfect for spending time outside. Some people have already pulled out some of their garden tools and started to plant flowers in their yards.
But what do you do when one day it's almost 80 degrees and the next day it's below freezing?
DiGregory's Greenhouse and Garden Center owner Lou DiGregory said Tuesday's colder temps have made things a bit challenging.
 "We've gone through some extremes here the last few days from very very hot to very very cold," DiGregory said.
At DiGregory's, the changing weather's keeping them busy. The high-to-low temperatures have made keeping plants stable a lot of work.
Six Greenhouses at DiGregory's will be kept at 65 degrees Tuesday night, but the problem is green houses have no insulation so heat pops right back out.
DiGregory said fruit trees will be harmed the most.
"Well right now there are a lot of trees are in bud so you can definitely see some green tint so they may have a bit of burn," DiGregory said.
The cold weather isn't the only thing causing problems. Last weekend's heat brought some challenges.
The smell of Easter lilies and tulips took over the room where they are trying to keep them cold at DiGregory's. Aluminum foil was put on the doors to reflect the heat.
"Our job is to try and hold them back from becoming too far in bloom." DiGregory said. "We do the best we can but this year nature hasn't wanted to cooperate with us too much."
It depends on how long the cold sticks around to see how much damage will be caused.
"Some of those will leaf back but it will just be a delayed process so it may take a few more weeks for leafs to come back out," DiGregory said.  So what can you do to protect your plants and shrubbery?
"There's frost cloth that they can put over the plant," DiGregory said. "That will give a lot of protection its best if you can help not to use plastic. If you can use a maybe a blanket something light for a layer of insulation.
DiGregory said there are precautions you can take.
Make sure that you are paying attention to the weather so you know how to treat your plants.
As soon as temperatures rise above freezing, take the covers off of the plants.

Extreme changes in temperatures wreaking havoc on plants

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