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Mitchell went to sleep after shooting girlfriend

Updated: Friday, June 13 2014, 05:45 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio -- Day 2 of a murder trial in Jefferson County is underway in the shooting death of Marie Cantwell. Her boyfriend Michael Mitchell is the man charged in her death.
With his arsenal of weapons that was recovered upon his arrest spread out in front of him, Mitchell took the stand to testify Friday with the shocking admission that after he fatally shot his girlfriend while twirling a gun, he went to sleep.
According to Mitchell’s testimony, he went into the room where Cantwell slept, spun his pistol and it went off, hitting Cantwell. Lying in the bed with her at the time of the shooting was her daughter.
Mitchell said his reason for not calling 911 after the shot hit Cantwell was because he was scared and he didn't think anyone would believe him.
In an interview with Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla that took much of the morning, Mitchell revealed his plan to end his own life after accidentally shooting Cantwell.
“I had nothing else,” he said. “Nothing. I had lost all hope. Why? Because I had just killed my girlfriend.”
After Mitchell testified, both the defense and the state rested and the jury retired to deliberate on a guilty verdict on murder or a lesser offense of reckless homicide.
Mitchell is also facing a tampering with evidence charge as police have never found the weapon used to shoot Cantwell.

Mitchell went to sleep after shooting girlfriend

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