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Mystery money placed in library books

Updated: Friday, May 2 2014, 07:44 AM EDT

Mystery money placed in library books
Jefferson Co., OHIO
By: Mary Ours

You can find all kinds of things in the pages of a library book, but you may also find money.

In the Shiappa Branch of the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County a first grader made a big find acouple days ago.

Library coordinator Misty Teasdale tells me a staff member's daughter found several $1 bills in library books.

"She was smiling ear to ear so I suggested when you put it back, put it in some of the books that are going to be shelved."

So she did, paying it forward for another child.

Carmen Reeves, 6, of Steubenville, tells me he would buy a toy if he found $2 inside his favorite book.

Jennifer Cesta, who is the public relations coordinator for the library, tells me that the kids who are finding the money are turning it in.

"It just shows how well the parents are doing a good job parenting that they are turning it into the library."

The library can go through security footage to see who is leaving the money, but Teasdale says if he wanted us to know he would have signed his name on the note.

"They don't want to be thanked; they just wanted to pay it forward." 

Reeves and I searched for money in the books, but we weren't able to find where the little girl who first found the money put it.

Mystery money placed in library books

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