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Police advise against riding on dangerous Yellow Creek Trails

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 10:39 AM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – Saline Township Police are saying there are far too many ATV accidents along the Yellow Creek Trails, and they aim to discourage people from riding there.
It’s the same place were a man was killed 15 years ago in an ATV accident.
“The biggest issue is probably people getting injured up there,” Saline Township Police Chief Cliff Utt said.
Known as “The Pitt,” it's a common riding trail for ATV clubs, and it's a nationwide attraction.
People as far as Alaska have traveled just to ride on the trail, and the problems don't stop with accidents. Another issue at stake is it's largely on privately owned property.
“They should know that a lot of the property that they are on they are trespassing on,” Utt said. “It's not just the property, it's somebody else’s property that they’re damaging.”
The damages range from erosion to roads that are simply no longer visible.
“Over the years yeah it's gotten a lot worse,” Utt said.
Utt said accident totals rise on Memorial Day and the 4th of July.
His advice is to people who plan on riding on the trail is simply not to do it.  

Police advise against riding on dangerous Yellow Creek Trails

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