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Police chase ends in crash, two felonies

Updated: Wednesday, January 29 2014, 07:42 PM EST

by Glenn Bolich


William Eric Reed was in Dillonvale District Court Wednesday to hear about the charges he faces.
    It all stems from an incident that happened the night of Saturday Jan. 25.
According to the police report, there was a complaint that a man driving a car was intoxicated and driving recklessly.

Reed was the man in that car at the marathon gas station in Tiltonsville.
    He was approached by a Tiltonsville police officer and was asked to be questioned.
    According to the same police report, Reed allegedly slammed his door shut and attempted to drive away.

    The officer stated that the car dragged him approximately 15 yards before he was able to let go of the car.
    Reed then allegedly began to speed north on Walden Avenue from the Marathon gas station.

    The report says he was going more than 50 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone.
    Two police cars began to pursue Reed onto Liberty Street in Rayland and then onto Jefferson County Road 17A.
    Reed then allegedly crashed his car into a guardrail and fled on foot.
    He was finally caught hiding in a ditch.

Reed is being charged with two felonies, plus at least two misdemeanors.
    One felony is for assaulting a police officer and the other felony for failing to comply with the signal of a police officer.
    He is also being charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, his second offense, and speeding.

Police chase ends in crash, two felonies

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