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winter weather advisory all but Tyler County until 1 pm Monday

Snow mixed at times with rain especially well south of Interstate 70 is expected to accumulate 2" to 4" for most of the area tonight and another 1" to 2" Monday, for a total accumulation of 3" to 6" for most of the area through Monday evening.  In our far southern counties where more rain mixes in (especially southern parts of Monroe, Noble, and Marshall counties and Wetzel County), 1" to 3" snow is expected, with Tyler County likely to receive an inch or less.  


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Jefferson County

Jefferson County

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Rainy weather has been good for plants

Updated: Wednesday, June 25 2014, 06:15 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – It’s been a rainy week in the Ohio Valley, but are we getting too much of a good thing?
When it comes to your lawn or plants, it’s tough to know whether or not the rain is just too much for them to handle.
Lou DiGregorys, owner of DiGregory’s Greenhouse in Steubenville, says the rain we have had this month has been very beneficial with keeping lawns in tip top shape.
“Generally grass needs about an inch of rain per week,” he said. “So this has been great."
From pop up showers to severe thunderstorms, rainfall amounts vary, and many times, it isn’t enough.
“People still need to supplement. If we get small amounts of rain so they still need to do weekly watering,” DiGregory said. “Unless we get rain like we've had where we get an inch or more then they can skip a week."
The worst time is in the evening because the sun’s down and the soil is saturated.
The best time to water your plants are in the morning and water around the root zone.
Make sure you follow Severe Weather Team 9 to know just how much rainfall came down in your area.

Rainy weather has been good for plants

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