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Richmond residents want burglars found

Updated: Saturday, May 3 2014, 11:59 PM EDT

Jefferson County, Oh -

After over 20 cars were broken into in Richmond on Wednesday, residents are doing what they can to help find those behind these crimes.

Charles and Kristine Pethtel happened to catch the break-ins with their personal surveillance cameras and started putting up fliers throughout the county.

The Pethtels' vehicles were two of almost 25 vehicles that were broken into early Wednesday morning.

The Pethtels own a surveillance company and have cameras around their home. Their footage from that night shows two men breaking into their cars, taking six minutes to get in and out.

"Oh, they were very calm, very used to what they were doing, like they weren't nervous or skittish. If a car came they would go around in front of my bumper, kind of hunker down and hide but they'd go back to what they were doing," Kristine Pethtel said.

The burglars went through her purse, pouring its contents onto the ground.

She said the hardest part for her is not just being a victim of a burglary.

"Now the mistrust, if you think you hear a noise, the cats knocked over their dish the other day and I came out screaming because I thought someone was in there. It's just really disrupted everything. The guys were leaning against my front door and I'm asleep on the other side of it," Pethtel said.

She said everyone on their street is taking precautions.

"I'm noticing when I look outside at night now, everyone has their lights on, everybody has their lights on. I don't know if it helps or not at this point, you saw that we had ours on and all we did was give them more light to work with," Pethtel said.

The vandalism done costs more than what they lost. The burglars got away with two GPS devices, a cellphone, a $5 bill, and some change.

"At this point, I don't think anyone should think that it can't happen to them because it's over 50 cars now. If they just put that much time and effort into getting a job, they'd probably make more money," she said.

The Pethtels said having cameras gives them a peace of mind and are useful to help police with investigations.

Richmond residents want burglars found

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