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Senior Services levy passes

Updated: Tuesday, September 2 2014, 11:54 AM EDT
STEUBENVILLE, Ohio -- The Jefferson County Senior Services levy that passed Tuesday night means a great deal to the Prime Time Senior Citizen Center in Steubenville.
Had this levy not passed, hundreds of senior citizens would be without meals or transportation to go to doctor’s appointments.
That's exactly why workers at the center made a video before the levy vote. The video, displaying a cry for help from seniors who depend on home-delivered meals and transportation services, may have helped because Prime Time will now have the money it needs to maintain those services.
“Without these core services of home-delivered meals and transportation, it would be real hard for a lot of people to stay in their homes,” said Judy Owings, director of the center.
That’s mostly because Prime Time provides 1,200 trips a month using wheelchair accessible vans that transport seniors to doctor’s appointments and rehab facilities. They also home deliver 900 meals per day.
Discontinued programs helped to keep up with the cost of maintaining those services, but it wasn't enough. Now that the services will stay intact, workers say they couldn't be happier.
“We're very much relieved that we're going to be able to continue with our services and not have to decrease any of them,” Owings said.
Prime Time officials said they will continue to apply for grants in an effort to provide more services at the center.

Senior Services levy passes

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