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Steubenville Heritage Trail could be ready this summer

Updated: Monday, May 12 2014, 12:46 PM EDT
STEUBENVILLE, Ohio - The Steubenville Heritage Trail, a bike path born from Steubenville's recently adopted Comprehensive plan, is expected to be ready for traffic as soon as this summer.
A committee has been meeting regularly to hammer out the details of the proposed path, and members said getting the community out and active is long overdue.
Mark Nelson of the Steubenville Trails Committee explained the plan Monday morning, one that will get wheels rolling along a 4-mile loop around Steubenville.
Much of the path already exists on roadways. The main focus is signage.
"We're looking to develop the "share the road" signs to be placed throughout, as well as some trail head designs with brochures or maps to show where the trail is," Nelson said.
The only undeveloped portion in the proposed path is a half-mile stretch between Beatty Park and Union Cemetery. They're taking about doing some trail paving and adding a creek crossing in the area.
From there, the trail would extend to Union Cemetery over to University Boulevard and down Franklin Avenue to where it intersects with historic 4th Street, then looping back to Beatty.
Once the signs are up, organizers will shift gears to focus on education.
"A lot of education will have to go on with both the users of the trail or the citizens of the community to be aware of the users of the trail," Nelson said. "We're not necessarily real bike friendly yet; we're not used to it."
It's an idea Nelson and city leaders are hoping the community will get used to and take advantage of. Nelson added that if donations and businesses step up to help with signs, it could be a matter of months before the bike path becomes a long-awaited reality.
It's important to note this is only Phase 1. There would be some additional legs to the trail that could be added in the future, one heading from the city west, one toward the river, and a third that would connect to West Virginia.
The estimated price tag for this project is somewhere between $2,000-$4,000.

Steubenville Heritage Trail could be ready this summer

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