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Steubenville Mayor says community must get involved

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 10:39 AM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio - Tuesday night was an informative night for residents in Steubenville, as Domenick Mucci gave his State of the City address.
The speech was highlighted by dozens of statistics and focused on one key concept -- collaboration.
Stat after stat, from the number of calls received by the fire department to the amount of projects facilitated by engineering department, Mucci's speech was a calculated breakdown of every city department and organization.
"The reason for all the statistics," Mucci said, "is people want accountability from their government."
Many in attendance were on board with the breakdown.
"I thought he did a great job of it," resident Fishy Allen said.
Not everyone agreed. There were several residents who felt that the stats didn't match up with reality.
Especially those numbers involving the police department. The numbers, they say, don't add up -- close to two thousand arrests and about 600 more charges.
"It's completely frustrating because they don't mesh up as far as drugs being sold," Resident Michael Merritt said. "There could be busts everyday... and it's not happening."
Mucci said the key to moving forward is collaboration and that means the community must get involved.
Together, he believes the city can use 2013 as a launching pad for the next decade.
"(2013) was a year of planning and we're seeing some of those results coming together," Mucci said.
That community involvement the mayor talked about includes participation in the implementation of the city's comprehensive plan. He said the first meeting for that will happen Wednesday, May 7.

Steubenville Mayor says community must get involved

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