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Weather Woes Through Thursday

Flood Watch in effect this evening through tomorrow evening for much of the area.

Winter Storm Watch for areas south of I-70 Wednesday night-Thursday.


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Jefferson County

Jefferson County

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Tweed Avenue unrecognizable after flooding

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 02:38 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – No road in the Ohio Valley was more affected by Wednesday’s flooding than Tweed Avenue in Jefferson County.
What’s left of the road – and there’s not much left -- is a mess. A large portion of it has washed away. Road closing signs almost seem unnecessary.
"We go out there and find that a 60-inch culvert was filled with debris and failed, and in turn, the stream overran its banks and water came through with such a force that it destroyed 350 feet of roadway and the culvert,” explained Steubenville City Manager Michael Dolak.
Residents who will be forced to take a lengthy detour say this wouldn't have happened if local officials had just listened to them.
"We've had people dumping trash here for 20 years plus,” Tweed Avenue resident Dan Scheider said. “People just do it because they don't think something will happen. Now we're stranded here."
Added fellow resident William Mackinaw: "This happens because up the road they dump. Truck after truck goes up the road and dumps tires off and different things and this is the outcome of it."
Some residents say the detour won't even help because of the condition of the Township road they will have to travel. It’s something they plan to bring to the attention of local officials.
Officials say the approximate cost of the project is about $100,000. Their main focus is securing that funding.

Tweed Avenue unrecognizable after flooding

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