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What does W.Va.'s minimum wage hike mean to area Ohio workers?

Updated: Wednesday, April 2 2014, 05:46 PM EDT

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio -- The minimum wage increase for West Virginia workers signed by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin on Tuesday may result in employees in Steubenville going across the river in search of a higher pay.
A family owned business in Steubenville is responding to the bill, which will increase the minimum wage by $1.75 during the next two years.
 "Since Weirton is so close, since we're so close to different cities and states in our area, I think that is a possibility that people may go to West Virginia, Weirton, Follansbee, different areas to get jobs," said Frankie DiCarlantonio, general manager of Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern.
"I think that since it's so close that it's a valid commute, there are people that commute to this area that work in Weirton and other places so you may see a jump of people from Steubenville and Wintersville and other places to go to Weirton, West Virginia and other areas."
Theresa Lemantia, a cook at Scaffidi's, said she would not commute to West Virginia for a higher pay.
"I don't know what everybody else would do," she said, "but I wouldn't. I like it here. This is my hometown, and if I'm going to spend money, I'm going to spend it in my hometown not in somebody else's hometown."
DiCarlantonio said he believes the new minimum wage hike will be great for a number of businesses. He added that any bill in West Virginia or Ohio will not affect his place.
"No matter what happens in the state of Ohio, here at Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern, we're always going to do what we do, have the same amount of workers, and stay true to what we do," Dicarlantonio said.

Workers in West Virginia can expect minimum wage to go from $7.25 to $8.75 by 2016.
It is the first increase in West Virginia since 2008.

What does W.Va.'s minimum wage hike mean to area Ohio workers?

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