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Dog park finds a home at Tunnel Green Complex

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 06:28 PM EDT


It's been a dream for many for some time, and if dogs could talk it would be a happy day for our furry friends-- a new dog park will soon be built in the city of Wheeling.

The Wheeling Dog Park Association and the city of Wheeling announced Tuesday a location for the dog park.

After many months of searching for a suitable site, Wheeling's first dog park will be located at the Tunnel Green Recreation Complex.

The Tunnel Green Recreation Complex is an established city recreational area that offers sites for recreational baseball and roller hockey.

The dog park will be developed on the wooded lot south of the existing ball field and roller hockey rink and will become part of the city of Wheeling's park system. The site has vehicular access from 18th Street and pedestrian access from the trail, along with adequate parking.

"It has been a long process in locating a suitable site for the park, but we are thrilled with the location and the acreage available at Tunnel Green," said Jeremy Morris, founder of the Dog Park Association.

Currently in the design phase, the dog park will use more than a 2-acre portion of the complex. A local engineer is donating time and expertise in the design of the park. An estimated cost for park construction will be determined during this phase.

The park will be fully fenced and include separate pens for small dogs and large dogs, depending on whether they weigh 30 pounds or less, and water, waste receptacles, and seating. The Wheeling Dog Park Association is in the process of developing rules and regulations for the park to ensure the safety of pets and owners.

"The city is excited about the future dog park, and we are committed to providing city resources to support the design, construction, and maintenance of the park," confirmed Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron.

A year ago, Wheeling won $25,000 as a finalist in the Pet Safe Bark for Your Park competition. These funds remain unused and are available until 2016 for construction of Wheeling's dog park.

The Wheeling Dog Park Association anticipates the grand opening of the park in spring or summer of 2015. Opportunities to donate and volunteer will be announced soon.

Dog park finds a home at Tunnel Green Complex

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