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Mingo Junction man wants vacant streets

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 09:40 PM EST

MINGO JUNCTION, OHIO – Mingo Junction resident Gary Smith is taking on village council because he wants to do more with currently vacant streets.

He’s just not sure what.

The debate led to a lot of disagreement in Judge David Henderson’s Courtroom Tuesday morning in Jefferson County.

The streets in question are Elizabeth and Suzanna Streets, vacant land that have stood empty for decades.

The streets do not have signs and there are a number of overgrown shrubs. Smith, who owns nearby property and wants to add the streets, says it’s so bad, you would need a bulldozer to clear out the lot.

The trouble in the case is that while Smith wants the property, he doesn’t know what he’d do with it, telling the judge he had no specific plan, and also that he had no initial plans to pave it.

Some on the village council don’t believe Smith’s ideas will result in any increased revenue.

Village administrator Stephen Maguschack is among them. He says the streets, particularly Elizabeth, are needed to help tractor trailers turn around.

It’s a debate that has played out before during village council meetings and has now made its way to the courtroom.

Judge Henderson told the parties that he needs more evidence, and would not make a ruling on Smith’s submitted proposal (via his attorney) for the land Tuesday.

Everyone returns to court in three weeks. At which time, a decision should be made.


Mingo Junction man wants vacant streets

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