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OVAC hosts ninth annual free youth football clinic

Updated: Sunday, July 27 2014, 06:39 PM EDT


Some of the region’s future all-stars got a chance to take the field at Wheeling Island Stadium Sunday afternoon before the big game.

To kick off this year’s Subway Sports Clinic Series, Ohio Valley Athletic Conference hosted its ninth annual free youth football clinic Sunday in conjunction with the Rudy Mumley OVAC All-Star Charity Football Classic.

Wheeling Park High School head coach, Chris Daugherty, and his staff and Bethany College head coach, Bill Garvey, and his staff spent time out on the field walking kids through the basics.

“It’s a good chance for our players and coaches to get out here and teach a little football and most of the time it’s good for us too because we need to slow down a little bit and understand it’s a game and it’s fun and it should be. And it’s always a good kickoff to the football season,” Daugherty said.

The free clinic gives kids ages 6-13 the chance to learn all aspects of the game while having some fun.

“Just having a good time and teaching them some things about football,” Garvey said.

And of course, the aspiring all-stars took the field to work on their football skills.

“It’s just a neat experience when you get to work with young kids and then five, six hours later you’re watching another group of young kids playing the OVAC game and you know, I’m sure we are going to have a kid that’s here at the little kids camp and in five, six years later in the big game,” Daugherty said.

Both coaches said that they don’t just focus on football; they also focus on building self-esteem.

“As a young kid, you just want them all to have fun and feel good about themselves and come away with a good experience and hopefully promote this game of football,” Garvey said.

Both coaches were excited for the OVAC game. Garvey had some incoming players to watch on the field and Daugherty had some of his own players to watch as well.

OVAC hosts ninth annual free youth football clinic

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