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Benwood Kroger to close Sunday

Updated: Thursday, August 22 2013, 09:41 PM EDT

By Philip Stahl


After finding out in May that the Benwood Kroger location would close, Benwood city officials worked hard to keep the grocer in the city, and even tried to find another chain to move to the city.

"A developer offered to build Kroger a brand-new, 60,000-square-foot building and (the city) would even give them a tax break, but Kroger wasn't interested at this time," said Mayor Ed Kuca.

Kroger stated months ago that the lease on their current building was up and the building's owner chose not to have them renew a contract.

IMI Fabi, which operates the talcum powder plant next door, will be using the building for industrial use.

"The building won't be empty, at least it's being used, but we need a grocer in the city," said Kuca.

Kuca tells NEWS9 that they are working with Dollar General so they can sell "basic needs" like milk, eggs and bread for people in the city so they don't have to travel far.

"They do this with some of their other stores, and even though it's not official, it is looking realistic," said Kuca.

Kroger Co. stated in May that employees of the Benwood store will have the option to relocate to other Ohio Valley locations, such as Wheeling or Moundsville.

"We're still looking for another store to come in, we're not done looking just yet," said Kuca.

The Benwood location will close Sunday at 6 p.m.


Benwood Kroger to close Sunday

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