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Councilman takes action concerning large trucks

Updated: Tuesday, April 22 2014, 06:42 PM EDT

By: Crissy Clutter


Moundsville city councilman Phil Remke said large trucks are destroying the roadways in Moundsville.

On Saturday, Remke blocked a truck at the intersection of Seventh Street and Grant Avenue after he said the driver was traveling on an unauthorized truck route.

"I blocked the truck and waited for police to come," said Remke. "I had brought it up numerous times to certain individuals of authority and nothing was being done."

He says the truck Saturday was carrying a large backhoe, but the main problem he's seeing is mostly from the gas and oil industry.

"I am very concerned about our city. We have so many places that now have sinkholes and these trucks are going the wrong way," said Remke.

Remke said he doesn't believe the city should have to pay for the roads being torn apart by these large truckloads.

"I am scared that one of these heavy trucks are going to take down one of our streets," said Remke.

Remke said a large sinkhole had to be filled in on the Jefferson Avenue Extension in February.

"It costs thousands to fix a sinkhole and the city of Moundsville doesn't have that kind of money to spend," he said.

Remke said he'd like to see larger signs put up for truck drivers to indicate where they can and can't go. He said he will continue to work on the issue.

Councilman takes action concerning large trucks

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