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Fostoria Glass Factory site cleanup to begin

Updated: Wednesday, June 18 2014, 08:13 AM EDT

Moundsville, W.Va. –

GAB Enterprises has been working on cleaning up the Fostoria Glass Factory site in Moundsville for about four years now and the first stage of construction is finally about to begin.

On Tuesday evening, President of GAB Enterprises Tom Brown told Moundsville City Council members that big changes will be made in just a week or two.

Brown said they are waiting for results from a test done on the material that will be used.

“We have to make sure that the material is clean, free of any substance that just wouldn’t be suitable for a fill and we have come very close to meeting those standards,” Brown said.

After that, the last building will be demolished and the filling process will begin, which will elevate the property to First Street and Route 250.

“We have talked to people, possible developers, some gas and oil companies that were interested in the property. Everybody would like the property to be brought up higher than the grade that it is right now,” Brown said.

Brown said developers have made offers on the property but they have not been substantial enough for what they believe the property is worth.

The filling will make the land much more valuable for potential buyers.

“Whether it’s retail, whether it’s motels or stores or restaurants or a company comes in and builds office space, there’s many different things that will create jobs and tax space,” Brown said.

Brown said they will know if they meet the fill standards as early as Wednesday.

Fostoria Glass Factory site cleanup to begin

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