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Marshall County airport debuts new hangar

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 08:51 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va - The Marshall County Airport recently completed some improvements to the airpark with help of some federal grant money.

Each year, the airport receives federal grant money and they had been banking that money to put towards the construction of a new airport hangar. With the new hangar completed the hope is that the expanded facility will help generate revenue for the airport.

The new facility adds 10
bays to house aircraft at the airport.

"The purpose of this is No. 1
with the hangars. We will increase the number of aircraft that are using the airport," Marshall County Airport Authority President John Richmond said. "The more activity we have the better it is for the airport and for the community."

The airport rents hangar space for $130 a month and with a full hangar hopes to generate more than
$15,000 a year. The hangar is part of a 10-year improvement plan that includes upgrades throughout the facility.

"Other things that we're looking at is we want to change the gate over here from a manual gate to an electric gate,
which will improve the security of the airport," Richmond said.

The airport handles mostly small single engine aircraft but can also handle larger twin engine aircraft. Richmond said the expanded hangars will not only benefit the airport, but hopefully the surrounding community as well.

"Part of the reason for the airport is that there's aircraft capability into Marshall County," Richmond said. "That's one of the things that most companies look for whenever they want to move into an area."

Richmond told me that the total cost of the project was about $700,000
and the annual grant that the airport received was about $100,000 a year.

Marshall County airport debuts new hangar

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