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Marshall County man stuck in China

Updated: Thursday, May 22 2014, 06:31 PM EDT


A Marshall County man is stuck in limbo. He's in a hospital in China that refuses to release him.

John Berisford, 36, was teaching at a Chinese University when he ended up in a hospital in a coma.

His sister, Dawn Borosko, said she doesn't know what happened, but that he was planning on returning back to the United States.

"I was on the phone with him on the 13th and we were planning his return," said Borosko. "I got a phone call 12 hours later that he's in the hospital."

"He was healthy, works out, eats right...a health nut," said Borosko.

Borosko said a colleague was the only person that could speak any English and she hasn't been very helpful.

Borosko said she's received some help from Sen. Jay Rockefeller, and State Sen. Jeff Kessler, both Democrats, but the issue is money.

"China is not going to release him unless we pay the bill, which is more than $20,000, and to fly him on a medical plane is around $64,000," said Borosko.

Family and friends all say they don't know how this is happening to an American citizen.

Melissa Brandon has known Berisford since they were children and said he is a healthy man who loves traveling. Brandon is a registered nurse and says even she can't understand the medically summary that was given to family.

"We are not getting that information out of China to really know what's going," said Brandon.

Meanwhile, Berisford's friend Jaime Glover is heading several fundraisers.

"We are still about $70,000 short, but fundraisers are scheduled and Cheer's bar and Bob's Lunch have been wonderful," said Glover.

Donations can be dropped off to Cheers at 325 Jefferson Ave., Moundsville, WV 26041.

Fundraisers are being held across the Ohio Valley. To learn more, join the group "Bring John Home" on Facebook.

Marshall County man stuck in China

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