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Neighbors: Dangerous road needs repaired

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 06:08 PM EDT


A Marshall County road is being called scary and dangerous by drivers. The road is Fisher Lane, now called Marywood Lane, and is in Benwood.

Neighbors living there say the large potholes have been there almost a year.

Fred Chavanak, of Benwood, said it's tough for buses to get through, the postal and newspaper carriers are fed up, and most of all neighbors are worried driving the road.

"You look like a snake weaving back and forth trying to miss the potholes and you can't miss them all it's just impossible," said Chavanak.

Chavanak has lived on the lane his entire life and says the holes keep getting bigger.

"I don't know how an ambulance would get in and then get somebody out of here because of the roughness of the road," said Chavanak.

Wendy Opic said friends don't want to drive up the lane to visit because of the road condition.

"I had buy new struts and it costs me $2,700," said Chavanak. "My daughter also had a tire bust - it's dangerous."

Several years ago the road was taken care of by the community-- until the Department of Highways took over-- neighbors say the road was in way better shape then and now they want answers.

"We have contacted the DOH on a regular basis, weekly bi-weekly, our state leaders and still no results," said Chavanak.

NEWS9 contacted the DOH and they are looking to find out if and when repairs will be made.

Neighbors: Dangerous road needs repaired

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