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Superload started its journey Sunday

Updated: Sunday, March 23 2014, 08:01 PM EDT


The second Superload started its trip through Marshall County early Sunday morning, and is scheduled to end on Tuesday at Williams Energy's Oak Grove Facility.

People got a spot on the bridge over WV2 in McMechen early Sunday morning to watch the Superload begin its journey.

"Well my neighbor and I wanted to come up here and see them move the de-ethanizer underneath the bridge and last time we saw them turn the corner in glen dale going up 86 and it was really interesting,” said Jim Strope, Glen Dale.

People bundled up, had their warm cups of coffee, and we're ready to take pictures of the de-ethanizer tower, that began its trip today from the CSX rail yard in Benwood up to the Williams Energy's Oak Grove Facility.

"A de-ethanizer tower removes ethane from the gas strain and what's important about that it and what we don’t think about it is that we use ethane every day in plastics, and those are in our clothing, carpeting, and medical supplies, so everyday were using ethane it's an essential component of plastics,” said Helen Humphreys, Williams Energy Spokesperson.

Humphreys said the Superload is over 120 feet long, 17 feet high, and 510,000 lbs.

Over the three day trip, Humphreys said it will go from WV2 to WV86, up to WV88, and then U-S 250, and then over to Fork Ridge Road.

Williams’ first Superload in February came with a few traffic issues, but Humphreys said because they decided to move it on a Sunday there is not an impact to work traffic Monday morning.

"I don't think this is going to happen too many times so we thought we would take advantage of it,” said Strope.

Another large piece of equipment will move through the area again in June.

The West Virginia Division of Highways has provided the following information:

-Sunday, March 23: Superload will leave Benwood CSX rail yard at approximately 8 a.m. and proceed south on WV 2, to WV 86 in Glen Dale. On WV 2 southbound in McMechen, the Superload will pull over at a predetermined location to allow traffic to pass.

One lane of traffic, both northbound and southbound, will be maintained through the section of WV 2 known as The Narrows.

Superload will continue on WV 86, and then on to WV 88, with the expected stop to be near the intersection with Pine Hill.

-Monday, March 24: Superload will proceed on WV 88 to US 250 southbound, to the McElroy substation entrance on County Route 17, Fork Ridge Road.

-Tuesday, March 25: Superload will proceed from McElroy substation entrance to the Williams site on County Route 17, Fork Ridge Road.


The Division of Highways personnel will provide updates as to the location of the superload.Motorists can check location updates on Twitter and Facebook at and/or

Superload started its journey Sunday

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