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Wastewater project planned for 2014

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 04:23 PM EST

By Jon Rudder
BENWOOD, W.Va - A multimillion-dollar sewer project is in place for the city of Benwood is scheduled to begin in 2014. The project would separate wastewater and runoff water into separate systems, eliminating combined sewer overflows.

Right now, Benwood has a combined sewer system and in the event of a heavy rain an overflow would mean combined sewer and runoff water would go into the river.

This new system will be designed to keep the two separated and come at no added cost to the residents.

Benwood has 12 of these overflows and, over a course of 20 years, will begin to separate them beginning at the south end of town.

"We've had an opportunity to get over $2 million in grant funding and the remainder, $1.5 million will be interest free loans to separate four of these in the south end of Benwood," Benwood Police Chief Frank Longwell said.

Longwell doesn't anticipate any increase in rates for residents and the project could actually lower bills in the future.

"The sewage would be pumped to Wheeling and then the rain water would be let into the river basin," Longwell said. "That should lower our sewer bill to the city of Wheeling because we'll have less flow."

The project, expected to be extensive, will result in roadways being torn up and resurfaced. Longwell cited the development that Benwood has seen in terms of business growth and having the opportunity to offer sound infrastructure can only benefit the city.

"We can pump over a million gallons of water a day and we can take as much sewage as need be and pump it to Wheeling," Longwell said. "So anytime you can put this type of infrastructure it's always a plus to the city."

Longwell said the plan is in the development and financing stage, but said that he hoped to start the project towards the end of 2014. Once underway, completion time would take between six and nine months.

Wastewater project planned for 2014

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