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Council to approve funding for bridge replacement

Updated: Tuesday, October 15 2013, 10:02 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

WHEELING, W.Va - Help is on the way for the Schenk Bridge in Wheeling, which has been plagued by structural problems and potholes.

Tuesday night, City Council plans to approve an agreement between the city and the Department of Transportation that will find a complete replacement of the bridge.

Right now, barrels and metal plating are being used as a Band-Aid on the bridge that serves Wheeling's industrial park.

"The second hole is a little further out in the traffic lane and we currently have it covered by a steel plate," Wheeling City Manger Bob Herron said. "We still feel as though the bridge is safe but the load is on it have to be watched. That is a heavy industrial area, so therefore, we do need to replace the bridge."

The estimated price tag for the work is around $800,000 and city officials were able to come up with $219,000 towards the project. A grant will cover the rest.

"The state of West Virginia had a program where bridges of that nature qualify," Herron said. "We applied and did receive funding."

A waterline also runs across the bridge serving the industrial park, but Herron said the replacement won't have an effect or interrupt service to the park.

"What would happen is, that's a looped system so during the time the water line was being replaced, the park would be fed from one direction as opposed to two," Herron said.

When traffic begins to flow smoothly over the Schenk Bridge again, city officials will keep their attention in the same area but focus on the other access bridge to the industrial park.

"Once that bridge is replaced then we're going to have to look at the Barker Bridge as well, but that's a longer span but it has some issues as well," Herron said.

Herron said that once the agreement is signed between the city and the Department of Transportation it becomes their project and it would depend on their schedule for estimated start and completion dates. However, he did anticipate construction to start in the spring.

Council to approve funding for bridge replacement

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