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Deputies: Woman antagonized teen fight

Updated: Thursday, March 20 2014, 04:48 PM EDT

By:Crissy Clutter and NEWS9


An Ohio County woman is accused of child neglect after she allegedly egged on a fight where a young teen ended up in the hospital.

According to the complaint, Tracy Joe Nice, 35, took a 14-year-old girl to the parking lot of the Ye Olde Country Church on Peter’s Run Road to meet three other girls for a fight.

Nice’s teen companion and another girl allegedly got into a physical confrontation.

Deputies say Nice antagonized and encouraged the fight by yelling profanities.

Reports state the teen girls were also put into danger numerous times when the fight spilled into the busy roadway.

Video of the fight was taken on a cellphone by other teen spectators, according to deputies.

Both girls suffered numerous injuries. The teen not with Nice had to be taken to the hospital for swelling of the eye and face.

Nice was arraigned by Magistrate Harry Radcliffe on Thursday. She is free on $5,000 bond.

Deputies: Woman antagonized teen fight

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