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Large trucks cause problems in Ohio County

Updated: Thursday, May 29 2014, 06:35 PM EDT

By:Crissy Clutter and NEWS9


Crews spent several hours cleaning up a crash that happened on Dallas Pike Road on Thursday morning.

Deputies said the road had to be shut down after a rig lost its load while making a turn.

The truck was carrying a 100-ton generator and the driver was cited.

Bobbie Taylor was driving on the road when she was diverted.

"I couldn't believe the truck had flipped over the way that it had," said Taylor. "I do think that there are some safety issues that are coming up because we have a lot of rural route -- and we all need to be a little more careful."

Just over a month ago, on that same road, an oversized truck hit the underside of the overpass and got stuck.

Dave Sada, with the Department of Highways, said the structure gets hit quite a bit.

"The trucks have a permit to travel on the interstate but when they stop to get gas or something there's an issue, because there's not enough clearance," said Sada.

Sada said the driver of the semi is responsible for the damage.

Officials said the driver of the truck should have known he couldn't make it under the bridge, but the D.O.H. has the interstate reduced to one lane while repairs are made.

The state is contracting out the work on the overpass-- so there's no specific timetable for when repairs will wrap up.

Sada says he hopes to restore normal traffic flow within a few weeks.

Large trucks cause problems in Ohio County

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