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Man charged with conspiracy to kidnap and rape child

Updated: Friday, June 6 2014, 06:09 PM EDT


Alex Galensky, 32, is charged with conspiracy to commit sexual assault and conspiring to kidnap a girl between the ages of 8 and 10 years old.

West Virginia State Police said Galensky never actually found the girl, but he and another man were plotting to commit a crime.

Defense attorneys said Friday the other man actually intended to "pimp out his daughter."

Officers said Galensky went to the North Park area looking for a young girl and taking pictures.

Prosecutors say they believe he intended to kidnap and rape the girl when he located her.

State police said in court that pictures of a juvenile female were found on his phone, but no victim was ever located.

The incident was allegedly planned to happen at the Heritage Trail in Wheeling.

Police said Galensky told his alleged accomplice he had purchased duct tape and rope.

Galensky's attorney says there is no evidence and it was all just a sexual fantasy and that no crime was committed.

The case was bound over to a grand jury. NEWS9 has learned no other man is facing charges at this time.

Man charged with conspiracy to kidnap and rape child

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