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Mixed feelings surround gun bill

Updated: Monday, March 10 2014, 06:29 PM EDT

By: Crissy Clutter and the Associated Press


West Virginia lawmakers have passed a bill letting people with concealed-carry permits bring guns to city-owned recreational facilities, including swimming pools and after-school centers.

The proposal would require people to store guns securely out of view and access to others. But they could bring them to municipal buildings, sports venues and places that cater to children, including after-school programs.

Many Wheeling residents say they don’t agree with the law. Crystal France of Wheeling called the legislation “crazy.”

“You know even crazy people can get permits,” France said. “You’ve got judges and maybe they give a ruling someone doesn’t like—it is a horrible idea.”

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones called the bill "disgraceful."

“I wasn’t surprised, but what this bill does is put guns in the recreation centers in the poorest ZIP codes in our city,” Jones said.

Jones fought to have the measure defeated. He met with his team Monday to discuss what the city of Charleston’s next move might be.

Meanwhile, Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie, who once opposed the bill, said he was happy with the amendments.

“City of Wheeling officials have always held the position that not just anyone should be able to walk into a municipal building with a loaded gun. With the amendments, the bill still enables us to regulate guns on city and county property,” McKenzie said.

House delegates passed the measure 92-5 Saturday. The Senate passed the bill unanimously Feb 25. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin can sign the bill into law or veto it.


Mixed feelings surround gun bill

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