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Money blamed for knife incident

Updated: Friday, June 6 2014, 06:41 PM EDT


Juan Harris, of Cleveland, took an Alford plea on Friday-- meaning he didn't admit the crime, but knew the evidence was against him.

Harris pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted malicious assault. He was originally charged with attempted murder.

Harris was sentenced to one to three years in a state penitentiary.

Police say on March 25 Harris was high on drugs and got angry when a Wooddale couple stole money from him.

Harris admitted in court to grabbing two large knives, but said he didn't mean to harm anyone.

He said he was scared of the couple's pit bull.

Prosecutors said they believe he meant to harm a Wheeling woman-- angry over the money issue.

Ohio County Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Turak said the woman was screaming when she called police.

"She said, 'He's got a knife, he's got a knife," said Turak. "The victim said she was cornered on the porch of the residence, where he in fact stabbed her and grazed her on certain areas of her body."

Harris said he was scared of the dog, and he actually received several stitches.

"I grabbed a knife, but I didn't stab nobody," said Harris. "She wasn't touched. They stole my money and she told her husband get the dog."

Harris will also be ordered to pay a fine.

Money blamed for knife incident

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