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More evidence introduced in fatal Ohio County child overdose case

Updated: Thursday, April 10 2014, 06:32 PM EDT


On Thursday, the trial for the father accused of neglecting his 3-year-old daughter ultimately causing her death continued.

According to a criminal complaint, Patience Cole ingested the anti-depressants of her father Edward Cole Jr. in March 2012.

Edward and his wife, Cindy, are both facing child neglect resulting in death charges. Edward's trial began Wednesday.

The defense claims dozens of people were in and out of the Cole's home prior to the death of Patience Cole.

They claim a suspicious man who was a family friend was reported to police, but police never investigated

"This case had a number of different people that had access to his house and child right?" Asked defense attorney Mark Panepinto.

"I have no information on that," said Wheeling police Detective Gregg Harris.

"You're the lead investigator  and you didn't even bother to go to the house and get information on who all resided there," said Panepinto.

Harris replied no one would speak to him.

An emergency room doctor also testified for the state who claimed the child's life may have been saved if Cindy or Edward would have been forthcoming about the drugs possible ingested.

Police also admitted Cindy Cole's statements had several inconsistencies and they had at one time suspected she may have been dosing the child.

The trial continues Friday. Stick with NEWS9 and WTOV9.com for the very latest.

Cindy Cole's trial is scheduled for next week.



More evidence introduced in fatal Ohio County child overdose case

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