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Ohio County getting on board with Project Lifesaver

Updated: Wednesday, March 26 2014, 10:46 PM EDT


OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. As a tool to help track missing people, Project Lifesaver, has already been implemented in several local counties.

Ohio County is not on that list despite years of effort.

Harrison and Belmont Counties in Ohio and Hancock in West Virginia are a few that have Project Lifesaver in place.

Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler said the county has had the equipment, but hasn't been able to use it.

Community members say that needs to change.

The types of people who need the service are anyone that has a tendency to wander who cannot convert their personal information, according said Shannon Vaught, who is pushing for Project Lifesaver.

We're still in the process of implementing it in the county, she added. Its being run by the sheriff's department.

Vaught said she has been trying to get the program up and running in Ohio County for the past five years, but has hit some snags with the department.

It's been a long road, she said. A very long road and Im not going to give up.

Ohio County Chief Deputy Drage Flick said they were having equipment issues in the past and had to put the project on hold.

But even now with the new gear in house, he says still have to train the deputies.

It is frightening to feel that there is a child or loved one who isn't where you thought they were, he said. I work with children on the other end of the spectrum and I see a need to keep our kiddos safe.

Flick said he last tried to train officers in the fall but was not able to do so. However he says it is on their list of things to accomplish this spring.


Ohio County getting on board with Project Lifesaver

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