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Police remind drivers to ‘look twice’ for motorcycles

Updated: Friday, May 30 2014, 06:32 PM EDT


A motorcycle crash on Saturday took the life of a 25-year-old man Arkansas man.

Wheeling police said Michael Gregory Hayes was killed when he took a turn too fast and lost control of his bike-- crashing on Rock Point Road.

Officers are asking drivers to be more vigilant on the road as more and more motorcycles come out for the summer.

Cpl. Josh Sanders, with the Wheeling Police Department, normally patrols on bicycle or motorcycle and says both are more vulnerable on the road.

"When I am on patrol I am always on heightened alert, but being on a motorcycle there's an extra awareness that we always have," said Sanders. "We need to know what other drivers are doing at all times."

Sanders said he often makes eye contact with other drivers when he is at a stop or intersection.

"We want to know where they're headed as well as letting us know where there headed," said Sanders. "Turn signals are important and making sure all of your equipment is working."

Jeremy Cline, with Honda Direct Line, has been around motorcycles most of his life. He agrees bikers need to remain alert and be aware.

"Watch out in your surroundings because you are in a smaller vehicle and a lot of times they don't know you are there," said Cline. "Motorcycles themselves aren't dangerous. One of the best things I can say is to ride a bike in your capability of riding."

Cline says the right person can help you get the right bike. He also recommends wearing a helmet even though Ohio does not require it.

Cline says many states offer safety and riding courses.

Here is a link to some of that classes: https://training.msf-usa.org/RES/

Police remind drivers to ‘look twice’ for motorcycles

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