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Residents concerned over hotel expansion

Updated: Thursday, October 17 2013, 08:04 PM EDT


Residents of Corliess Terrance presented their case on why they are concerned over a construction project at the Wheeling Hampton Inn on National Road Thursday morning at the city's Board of Zoning appeals meeting.

Five residents spoke against the project.

Hampton Inn owner Bob Hitchman said that Hilton is very competitive in the hotel/motel business and looks at adding two floors to the existing five-story hotel and re-building the roadway behind it for more parking. A new façade will also be in the works too.

However, residents say the hotel has not been a very good neighbor the last few years. Doug Huff cited that the garage area is not maintained and that the lack of communication from the city about the zoning variance puzzled him.

"We got notice like a week ago, that's not much time to respond to this variance or project," said Huff.

Board members stressed that the issues many residents have should be addressed to the Planning Commission who will hear the site plan Monday at 5 p.m.

The variance was just to increase the maximum height in the C-2 zone from three stories (45 feet) to seven stories (70 feet).

City Manager Robert Herron was the lone supporter of the variance in the audience to speak.

"As it pertains to a two-story addition, I can tell you that all the staff members in the city administration have reviewed that and are supportive of the variance, increasing the size of the building by two stories," said Herron.

The board passed the variance 4-0, which Chairman Martin Sheehan absent.

Hitchman said the cost to build two additional floors, add parking and move Corliess Terrance road would be in the $5 million range.

Residents concerned over hotel expansion

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