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Site plan approved for Hampton Inn in Wheeling

Updated: Tuesday, October 22 2013, 09:26 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

WHEELING, W.Va - The site plan for the Wheeling Hampton Inn was approved to expand the parking area of the hotel with some specific detail to take into account the concerns of the residents in the area.

Hampton Inn owner Robert Hitchman said the upgrades are much needed to help keep the hotel with a competitive advantage.

A $5 million to $6
million renovation would add two stories, a new recreation area and an expanded parking lot.

"We have a wonderful hotel but we have a dated exterior," Hitchman said. "It's 24 years old, and if you were looking online at our hotel as it is now versus a newer one you would see the difference, and we need to upgrade in that regard."

However, residents have voiced their concerns about how the renovations will impact them. Hitchman said they have revamped some of the plans to help ease those concerns.

"There was a request with regard to the entrance to the receiving room, there was a request with regard to planting and there was a request with regard to access to the condominium driveway," Hitchman said. "We've complied with all of that."

Hitchman also said they are open to re-grading Corliss Terrace to improve access with emergency response vehicles, however City Council
must approve of it first.

"There are some other benefits in this, that are possible, we can re-grade Corliss terrace to better respond to the privately owned Corliss avenue," Hitchman said. "So, you don't have a steep of a hill it's easier access, and we could do that, with their permission and cooperation we could do that."

Hitchman said that they would begin putting bids together for this project that will hopefully be submitted sometime this spring. He estimated that construction time to take between 12 and 18 months.

Site plan approved for Hampton Inn in Wheeling

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