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Trial for father accused of daughter's fatal overdose begins

Updated: Wednesday, April 9 2014, 05:44 PM EDT

By: Crissy Clutter and NEWS9


On Wednesday, the trial for the father accused of neglecting his 3-year-old daughter ultimately causing her death began.

According to a criminal complaint, Patience Cole ingested the anti-depressants of her father Edward Cole Jr. in March 2012.

Edward and his wife Cindy are both facing child neglect resulting in death charges. Edward's trial began Wednesday. Cindy's trial is scheduled for next week.

Prosecutors said the Coles requested non-child resistant caps for their prescription medication.

A doctor interviewed said that Patience Cole had 10 times the amount of anti-depressants in her system even a normal adult would have.

An autopsy report showed antihistamines, benzocaine, anti-depressants and nicotine in the child's body.
Edward Cole was taking some of those drugs to fight a deadly cancer. His defense attorney says he is also deformed and disabled because of the cancer.

Edward Cole is missing one eye and it is covered with skin from his hand after surgery.

Police say it's unclear from statements whether Patience Cole actually woke up and ate cereal the morning of her death--- or never got out of bed and was having seizures when her mother found her turning blue.

"It's been reported the mother found cough drop wrappers, empty pill bottles and that the children were playing with pill bottles," said assistant prosecutor Jenna Wood.

The defense contends Edward Cole doesn't know how is daughter died and has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning taking serious drugs to fight cancer.

The defense also said the Coles kept the prescriptions safely on a high shelf or in a safe and also alluded to the fact the young girl may have been dosed.

Prosecutors contend the pills were easily available to the children.

The trial continues Thursday. Stick with NEWS9 and WTOV9.com for the very latest.

Trial for father accused of daughter's fatal overdose begins

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