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TV cameras catch Toronto fifth-grader skipping school at Pirates game

Updated: Friday, April 4 2014, 06:38 PM EDT

TORONTO, Ohio - Fifth grader Drew Humpe is a die-hard Pittsburgh Pirates fan.
A few days after he missed the Pirates home, his mother decided Thursday's day game would be a perfect treat him for the good grades he had been getting.
When she let him skip school, she did not know he would end up on TV. But there he was, holding a sign that read, "My Teacher Thinks I'm Sick."
"Well whenever I was at the game, I was hoping I would get on TV because it's never happened before," Hempe said.
His mom, Karen McAdoo, said it was part of an honor system they have when Humpe does well.
"We give him a bonus day to do something, and he got good grades," she said. "We couldn't make it to Opening Day so we did the next best thing. We called him off school, and we did tell the truth. Thank goodness he has a wonderful teacher."
Thank goodness indeed, because when he got to school the next day his teacher called him over.
"And the principal was over there and she asked me to tell her the story, and he just laughed," Humpe said.
His teacher, Mrs. Matyas, saw him on TV and immediately texted and called them to let them know they saw him playing hooky.
"As soon as he put us on TV, our phones started blowing up," McAdoo said. "Everybody from home we have family in Florida saying we saw Drew."
Humpe says he loves the Pirates and baseball is practically the only sport that he watches.
He dodged a bullet on this one. Even though he got busted on TV at the game, he still got his absence excused.

TV cameras catch Toronto fifth-grader skipping school at Pirates game

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