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Wheeling man pleads guilty to battery in after-hours incident

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 05:46 PM EDT


The trial for Cory Henry, 29, was supposed to begin Monday morning, but jury selection came to a hold when both sides reached an agreement.

Henry pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and was set free on time served.

Henry was accused of abducting a woman from a local bar last year and sexually assaulting her at his mother's home in Elm Grove.

His defense contended the sex was consensual. The prosecution maintained their case, but said a trial would be difficult for the victim.

Supporters of Henry gathered at the Ohio County courthouse and cheered outside when he was sent home.

Since his arrest, his family has remained by his side calling the allegations false.

His mother, Bonnie Grewe, made public statements about the charges against her son calling the Wheeling police department “corrupt.”

Grewe was arrested for theft, but was later exonerated when another woman came forward, according to previous reports.

Monday, she said her family had been through a lot this last year.

“Cory’s been through a lot, but the outcome is good I am just happy to have him home,” said Grewe.

The defense noted in court Henry has apologized for “having sex with his friend’s girlfriend,”

Henry was instructed to never have contact with the victim. Henry is also on unsupervised probation.

Ohio County Circuit Court Judge David Simms warned Henry to get his life right.

“I hope I don’t see you back in this courtroom,” said Sims.

Again, Henry was released for time served.

Wheeling man pleads guilty to battery in after-hours incident

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