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Wheeling Water Warriors present fracking concerns

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 05:41 PM EST

By Jon Rudder

WHEELING, W.Va - Residents in Wheeling in opposition over fracking took their concerns to the Ohio County Board of Health Tuesday at their monthly meeting.

The first time that the Wheeling Water Warriors expressed their concerns to the board, they were met with one requirement: present information supporting their case.

Tuesday they did just that, as thick binders full of information were handed to members of the board containing information about the risks of hydraulic fracturing.

"You don't realize what it does to your community in terms of the truck traffic coming in and out, the possibility of accidents and spills," Dr. Jill Kriesky of the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Board said. "And something that people don't talk much about, but we are increasingly hearing about is the stress caused by all these changes.

Members of two local environmental organizations also spoke expressing their concerns of fracking in close proximity to a drinking water source

"One of these trucks was carrying 5,000 gallons of pH 1.5 brine water," Dr. Ben Stout of Wheeling Jesuit University said. "That will melt the skin off your bones."

The group also recommended that the city pass an ordinance to ban gas drilling in city limits. They claim that drilling and extraction have gotten ahead of what is known about it, and it should be stopped until proven safe.

"The main thesis of my letter is that Wheeling is on its own," Stout said. "The only thing standing in between this is plant going in or not is our municipal authority."

The Board of Health will review the information the Wheeling Water Warriors presented before making a decision. Dr. William Mercer suggested a subcommittee meet and go through the information and make a recommendation to the board, however; a decision will take some time to be made.

Wheeling Water Warriors present fracking concerns

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