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WJU student suffered five hits to the head

Updated: Wednesday, June 11 2014, 05:56 PM EDT


More than a dozen witnesses have taken the stand in the second-degree murder case of Craig Tyler Peacock. Peacock is accused of kicking 21-year-old Kevin Figaniak, causing his death.

Wednesday, we learned that Figaniak actually suffered five hits to the head. The first was from Jarrett Chandler's fist, the second from the fall from the punch, the third from a kick from Peacock's boot and the last two from Tyler "T.J." Johnson, Figaniak's friend who admitted to dropping him twice.

Johnson also admitted to not wanting to call police the night of the fight. Robert Hartley, a neighbor on Locust Avenue, said he was awoken by Johnson frantically banging on the door on the night of the deadly alteration.

"He said they got jumped by a couple of guys and asked that I please not call 911 and offered to pay me to get him and his friend back to the college," said Hartley.

Hartley also testified to witnessing Johnson drop Figaniak. Hartley said another neighbor eventually called 911.

Johnson also testified and said he was "frightened and scared" on Aug. 31, 2013.

The prosecutor asked Johnson how he felt about dropping his friend - he replied he didn't understand the question. Johnson said he remembered very little about that night, including whom he left the Ye Olde Alpha with.

Jarrett Chandler also testified. Chandler has already pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter concerning the case. Chandler admitted to defense attorney Robert McCoid he was convicted of "killing Kevin Figaniak."

Chandler testified that the fight began with a shove from Figaniak and he reacted with a punch to Figaniak's chin.

He also said Peacock, "kicked the guy on the way down the street." Chandler said he later told him it was wrong.

Chandler also said he didn't know that they had done harm to Figaniak because he was sitting up when they left the area and didn't hear the news reports until days later because they had no cable in the old camper.

Chandler testified he was unsure how the fight began because he was urinating outside when his two friends, Peacock and Tyler Witty, followed the college students down Edgington Lane.

Chandler said the two learned of the incident when his new camper got a television hook-up and police arrived minutes after. He said they were shocked.

Witty testified Wednesday that he had only three drinks that night. Witty said he was unsure whether or not the kick was intentional from Peacock. He spoke about how the fight began.

"Peacock was upset," said Witty. "Peacock wasn't the only on hollering."

Witty said the college students taunted the three pipeliners and kept stopping on the sidewalk.

"They kept asking what we were going to do," said Witty. "They then began speaking in some sort of foreign language and Peacock asked if they were trying to make us look stupid."

Johnson said it wasn't a foreign language, but rather something the lacrosse players had made up and spoke in often.

Witty said Peacock was dazed and drunk when the three went to Jill's lounge after the fight. The three also went to Sheetz to eat, but Chandler said he doesn't remember.

Several others who were out the night of Aug. 30, 2013, but didn't witness the fight testified Wednesday.

It is still unclear whether Peacock will take the stand. Court begins at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

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WJU student suffered five hits to the head

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