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Bridgeport controversies could end with election

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 07:09 PM EST

By: NEWS9 and Crissy Clutter

It's been a rough few years in the village of Bridgeport. Council members and the mayor have often been at odds, and two council members are under investigation by the ethics commission.

But on Tuesday, voters headed to the polls to elect four council members and changes could be on the horizon.

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Two of the councilmen being investigated – David Smith and Benjamin Lenz – have been campaigning with Marvin Husarik. Four others who are running for council include Mayor John Callarick's granddaughter and friends of the mayor.

"I don't know what they have against me, but every time I want to do something good, they vote it down. We didn't get anything done, we went backwards and I think a lot of people could see it. I have some good people. They're not handpicked. They see what's happened," Callarick said.

Lenz and Smith are accused of being paid by the Fire and Parks Department for other jobs while serving on council. Both are temporarily suspended from participating in council meetings.

The mayor said he hopes council and the village can move forward after the results are tallied.

Bridgeport controversies could end with election

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