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Last Update on May 27, 2015 07:09 GMT


WASHINGTON (AP) -- You know how the IRS maintains copies of previous year's tax returns? Apparently some baddies do, too -- but they are taking the data, not asking for it. The tax agency says sophisticated criminals got into the "Get Transcript" system and accessed personal tax information from more than 100,000 taxpayers. The IRS says this wasn't just a some busybodies; they say the breach is part of an elaborate scheme to steal identities and claim fraudulent tax refunds. The IRS commissioner won't say whether investigators believe the criminals are based overseas -- or where they obtained enough personal information about taxpayers to access their returns. A criminal investigation is under way.


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amtrak says it will install video cameras inside locomotive cabs -- not to look out toward the tracks, but to find out what train operators are doing. The move, announced yesterday, follows a deadly derailment earlier this month. Investigators are searching for clues to the train engineer's actions before the crash. The engineer, Brendan Bostian, suffered a head injury in the accident and has told investigators he can't remember what happened. Officials say the train sped along at 106 miles per hour in the last minute before it entered a curve, where it derailed. The speed limit for the curve is 50 mph. The wreck left eight people dead and about 200 injured.

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