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Abandoned golf course becoming a nuisance

Updated: Saturday, August 2 2014, 10:01 PM EDT


An abandoned golf course in Weirton is becoming a nuisance for people who live nearby.

There have been a string of break-ins and constant trespassing on the property.

There are signs warning people to stay away from the Old Pleasant Valley Golf Course that sits on Cullers Road in Weirton, but the owner of the property said young guys constantly trespass on the private property.

“We’ve done everything trying to stop them, we’ve posted things, we’ve put up signs, they end up knocking down the signs,” property owner Larry Uram said.

Uram says he had a recent run-in with two guys who rode on his property, almost knocking him right down.

“I was standing there and I motioned to them that this is private property, they came right at me,” Uram said.

These types of incidents are just the beginning of what Uram said has become a nightmare for him since the golf course shut down three years ago.

“It’s now been a serious problem, where because the golf course is no longer open, the access to the property has been significant,” Uram said.

A string of break-ins has led to copper theft.

“Anything that was of any value has been stolen,” Uram said.

Including Uram’s truck that was stolen back in February, and while he just got it back, he still feels his property is in danger.

He said he has called police several times. It’s hard to police close to 200 acres of land, but he still hopes something can be down to stop the trespassers.

Uram is in the process of installing an outdoor camera system on the property.

Abandoned golf course becoming a nuisance

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